Sportz-Vibe Rug How To

What is a Sportz-Vibe blanket?

Sportz-Vibe is a massage blanket for dogs that contains alternating massage panels to help boost circulation.

How will this help my dog?

By boosting circulation and stimulating the lymph system you can help reduce stiffness and soreness as well as helping to stimulate muscles and ligaments to repair. You can also use it on your dog to help prepare them for competition or strenuous exercise, and to reduce the risk of injury and assist with recovery after competition.

My dog has hip dysplasia, can Sportz-Vibe help to relieve symptoms?

The massage effect of Sportz-Vibe is designed to help reduce stiffness and soreness in dogs with hip dysplasia and other arthritic conditions by boosting blood flow and stimulating the lymph system to help reduce inflammation.

My dog has no back/hip/muscle problems, can Sportz-Vibe still help me?

All dogs suffer from a certain amount of wear and tear from everyday exercise. Whether your dog is a working dog, a sporting dog or the family pet, it's important to give them the best care possible. By using the blanket regularly to boost blood supply and help repair damage you are helping to prevent problems later on in life. Sportz-Vibe blanket is an easy to use form of massage therapy to help keep your dog healthy and happy.

Can I use my Sportz-Vibe blanket as a normal blanket for warmth?

Yes, all the electronics slide out and you can use it on your dog for everyday use in cold conditions. It's also waterproof so can be used on rainy days.

How do I turn on my Sportz-Vibe blanket?

You remove the battery from the small zipped pocket where the on/off button is situated and hold it down for 3 seconds or until it starts to vibrate. Return the battery to the pocket and close the zip.

How do I know when to turn off my Sportz-Vibe blanket?

Your blanket will automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

How often can I use my Sportz-Vibe blanket on the massage setting per day?

You can use Sportz-Vibe on the massage setting up to 3 times per day.

How do I charge the battery that runs my Sportz-Vibe blanket?

A charger is included with your blanket. Plug the adapter into the battery, and plug the adapter into the mains. The battery will recharge in two hours.

Can I wash my Sportz-Vibe blanket?

Yes, you can remove the electronics and wash the blanket.

What do I do if I lose a battery or massage panel out of my blanket?

You can buy the parts separately so you won't need to replace the whole blanket.