Sportz-Vibe | Massage blanket for dogs

Dog Rug/Blanket Testimonials

We have now tried the massage blanket on our search and rescue dogs Eldfängds Orka and Eldfängds Rejza.

Both really enjoy the massage they get from the blanket. 10 min periods the massage lasts for, and if you want to begin again you just restart.

The good thing is, we think it shuts itself off, so you do not keep track of how long the massage has been going on.

The biggest difference you notice most of is with “Hurricane”, it gives very good results, she is now 7 1/2 years and has been working for years as a fully trained rescue dog and now as a search and rescue dog. After the massage, she is very mischievous, becomes like a youngster again and with a spring in her legs.

Rejza is young and you notice there is not as much difference, however the muscles become soft and she really enjoys the massage, so I am absolutely convinced that it is super to use the massage so that the dogs can work longer and more effective.

Sweden’s Canine Search and Rescue unit

The rug is fab! Maisy hasn't shown any lameness since using it. She absolutely loves having it on and leans against things to make the vibration pad press a little firmer. It will be fantastic for her after a hard days shooting to help her muscles relax, As Maisy is an older dog I think it is a huge benefit and I can tell if I haven't put it on for a day or two.

Bobbie Pratley

I used the Sportz vibe rug on a German Sheppard that typically suffers with his hips in the winter months. I used the rug four times a week. I noticed how much he loved wearing it. We noticed a big difference in him this winter. He was livelier and moved better. It definitely made a difference and we were just amazed how excited he gets when we put it on him.

Sean McNamara, Ireland

I used the Sportz vibe dog rug on my elderly Labrador this winter. The first thing I noticed was how much she loved having it on. I felt she was less stiff this winter which made her more active and a lot brighter in herself.

Caroline Norris, Ireland

Sophie is a Labrador who when wearing the Sportz vibe massage coat is so relaxed she falls asleep in it. I must admit that I was concerned she wouldn't like it but I was proved wrong. The coat is easy to use and her gate has improved no end.

Helen Hampton, UK

I used one of the prototype sportz vibe rugs on our St Bernard for 6 months. She used it for 20 mins every day and some days if she had done too much she used it twice a day. We very rarely use anti-inflammatory meds anymore and her movement has improved greatly. We are very happy with the results and a delighted to say she loves wearing it and usually has a big sleep whilst its on.

Anna Byrne, USA

Our dog had a TPLO for cranial cruciate problems and we received the Sportz vibe rug about 10 days post op.  Whilst she'd done quite a bit of recovery at that time, we were having a few problems still getting her to do her rehab due to stiffness and probably discomfort too.  I really think the Sportz vibe made a difference to us being able to rehab her after that though as her rehab became easier and her ROM picked up noticeably.

Eamon Koh MRCVS, Australia

Laddie enjoyed his Sportz vibe rug immensely. He suffered from arthritis particularly in his elbows and hips. I could see he got great relief when the rug was placed on him. Every time I put the rug on he would immediately go for a nap and appeared very relaxed.

Alanna Sedgwick, USA

Sports-Vibe Blanket/Rug
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves blood supply to tissue
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves quality of life